Born at Midnight book summary

Born at Midnight, written by C.C. Hunter

Born at midnight starts out full of mystery with the main character Kylie seeing a soldier dude stalking her that only she can see, and it resulting with her having to see a shrink. As her life begins to fall apart, with the brake up of her boyfriend Trey, her grandmother’s death, and her parents’ separation, she finds herself in even stranger situations at summer camp. After a party and a trip to the police station, her parents, going by the suggestion of her shrink, decide to send her away for the summer.

Kylie felt out of place at the camp Shadow Falls, as she noticed very strange things about the other campers. Soon after her arrival she learns her suspicion about the other campers was taken only too lightly. The others were much more than “troubled teens,” hence the reason for a camp, but they were real life mystical creatures you only hear about in stories. Upon being told about who the others are and why they are here, Kylie wonders why they sent her to this camp. Camp leader Holiday said she was different, not normal. However, Holiday could not explain exactly what Kylie was.

Kylie was surrounded by werewolves, vampires, witches, shape-shifters, and fairies at Shadow Falls. Not only faced with the defeating challenge of overcoming her fears, she had to make friends with the supernatural, starting with her camp mates, Miranda (witch), who suffered from dyslexia that threatened her family’s position as high priestess if she couldn’t conquer the dyslexia and pass some very important test. Della (vampire) struggled with staying with her unknowing family, or staging her death and moving to a coven with her cousin and fellow vamps. Suddenly, Kylie’s troubled life at home seemed tolerable, more normal.

Camp life stays busy with action from Della’s vampire cousin dropping by and scaring the crap out of Kylie, to Lucas, the former neighbor and cat killer werewolf who Kylie wants to hate but have a deeper connection to than anyone else at camp. Not to mention, the ever so creepy dead soldier dude that keeps popping in giving Kylie the fright of her life. Kylie is thrown into an emotional battle with constant fears as well as falling into step with making new friends and admirers—good looking fae Derek.

With Kylie’s denial of being anything but normal, Holiday gives her the mission of finding out the truth. Is she just a normal human with a strange brain pattern, despite everyone saying otherwise, or is she different, does she really belong there? As she searches for these answers she finds herself becoming closer to the other campmates, understanding them outside her fear of them.

When hot Derek buys Kylies’ name during the meet your camp mate hour, he takes her to a romantic location near the camp. Derek, half fea, and Tray look-alike has the ability to read and change emotions in people and animals. Kylie falls head over heels for him, when things get emotionally steamy, until the very hot and dangerous werewolf Lucas shows up to save the day. Things get visibly tense between the three supernatural, and Kylie fears she can’t trust her emotions around Derek.

Even though Kylie and Derek decide to remain friends for the time being, Kylie’s guy troubles don’t end. When ex-boyfriend Trey sneaks into camp to make amends with Kylie’s broken heart, she fights the yearning to be in his arms and escorts him off the property. She fought the urge to become close with Derek, fought the mending of her brake up with Tray. However, will she be able to stay composed around super-hot and dangerous Lucas?

When Kylie has an hour of Lucas all to herself, emotions catch fire and Kylie does not resist the flames. She loses herself in Lucas’s embrace and wants more of him, however Tray and some other teens stumble along just in time to break up the steamy kiss that Kylie will never forget despite the suggestion of her doing so.

As tensions grow at camp, Kylie realizes that more important things are going on around her than her own identity crisis. With the FBU threatening to shut the camp down, Kylie has to decide if her own desire to leave camp and go home to live a normal life while denying the fact that she is different, or will she take compassion on the other campers who need the camp to stay open the most.

After a terrifying event with a lion in Kylie’s bed, she learns the reason behind the threat to the camp being closed. The animal refuge park located just miles away from Shadow Falls, has been an ongoing investigation with exotic animals being killed. The blame of course has been fallen on the camp. With Lucas as a suspect he has to leave, although he is not the only suspect in this mystery. When the FBU interviews the other teens at camp, tensions rise to a whole new level.

It is up to Kylie and her friends to solve the mystery and save the camp from closing. They manage to sneak Derek into the wildlife park and to communicate with the animals using his talented fairy gifts. They did not however, plan on being attacked by a gang of rouge vampires called the Blood Brothers. Kylie and her friends fight off the vampires long enough for the FBU to get there. They learn that the real reason for all of this was about racism in the rouge gangs.

With the camp being saved, they all still had to prepare for parents day in the morning were Holiday announce the camp was going to also be a school. Kylie, had a much needed meaningful visit with her mom were she realized her mom’s reasoning for being emotionally cold all those years toward her dad. She also realized that her dad wasn’t really her dad after all, but her real father is the ghost “soldier dude” who now had the name of Daniel.


Clockwork Angel book summary

Clockwork Angel, written by Cassandra Clare

After having to bury her Aunt Harriet and sell everything including most of her wardrobe in order to do so, Tessa Grey leaves New York and sails to London. She has arranged to meet her brother Nate at the docks, but met the Dark sisters instead. The Dark sisters tricked her into going back to the house with them where she is held captive, and made to do things she didn’t want to do.

When the Dark sisters were satisfied with Tessa’s transformations into other people they arranged for the magister to come and marry her. While waiting on the arrival of the mysterious magister, Tessa had escaped the straps that bound her to the bed however, she could not escape the bedroom let alone the house itself. She was searching for a way out when the handsome Will busted in the door and made her escape possible. Will had been searching for clues of a murder that had taken place and was directed to the Dark sister’s house by some of the downworlders. The escape ended with a fight, Will had managed to kill one of the sisters, but Tessa was thrown across the room and knocked unconscious.

Tessa woke in the institute to the shocking appearance of Brother Enoch, and was very frightened until Charlotte—who runs the institution—calmed her down. Tessa had learned from her stay in the Dark house that their where things in the world that was not normal, and in fact she was not normal. However, she thought it to be a delusion, that she was trapped in a nightmare until now at the institution when Charlotte cleared things up a bit more, and made Tessa more acceptable to the odd things that were hidden from her.

Tessa was told about the difference between downworlders—faeries, werewolves, vampires, and warlocks—and shadowhunters—“Warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons”—and learned that she herself was in fact a downworlder, though no one knew just what kind.

The accords that help keep peace with the downworlders bound the shadowhunters to help Tessa. Charlotte gave her word she would help find Tessa’s Brother Nate, and demand nothing but help in the ongoing investigation of the mundane murders and the Pandemonium club members in return. Tessa might be able to help with the Dark sisters and the house that imprisoned her.

Tessa met most of the members of the institute over dinner. Some she had met during her escape from the Dark house like Henry—Charlotte’s husband—and Will—the arrogant and handsome teenage shadowhunter. Then there was Jessamine and her servant Sophie. Jessamine was hateful and questioned Tessa’s innocence. Sophie on the other hand was kind and not like other servants, she could speak freely in the institute without punishment or disapproval. Tessa didn’t meet Jem—orphan from Shanghai China—until later when his violin playing woke her up out of a deep sleep. He was kind enough to her, more so than Will had been earlier that day.

The next morning discussions of investigation took place over breakfast. Will and Jem went to search the Dark sister’s house and found a human-looking machine screaming warnings at the two nephilium. Charlotte and Hennery went to talk with Nate’s employer about his disappearance and to their surprise Mr. Mortmain—once a traveler and trader of spices, now in the machinery business—knew who they were. Charlotte was able to get some helpful information out of Mr. Mortmain, including the name of the magister—de Quincey.

Later on that day a trusted vampire by the name Camille came to visit and observe Tessa and her abilities. She had a plan of getting the shadowhunters into one of de Quincey’s very private parties where killing of mundane take place. If the plan went well, Tessa would transform into Camille and be escorted by warlock Magnus Bane, and by Will as her subjugate. They would witness the murders for themselves and bring the enclave down on them.

At the party the trap took place as planned. Tessa and Will met Magnus Bane and he led them into a library that also served as an office. Will searched until he came up with blueprints for the automatons, like the one Jem and he found at the Dark sisters house. When the ceremony started the three of them took seats among the other vampires and observed de Quincey slash a cut into the throat of a hooded mundane. That was Tessa’s clue to leave with Magnus so Will could hit the button on Hennery’s device and signal the enclave.

Just when Tessa was leaving the room, de Quincey unmasked the mundane and Tessa saw it was her brother Nate. She screamed at Will, Will hit the button, but instead of a white light shooting out like appose to, the curtains burst into flames. Ciaos broke out in the room full of vampires and the enclave joined in to help slaughter the evil downworlders. In the end the only vampire to escape was de Quincey, and Tessa had her brother back. Back at the institute Brother Enoch helped to cure him, but Nate stayed asleep burning with fever.

Tessa went to see Will that night after getting kicked out of Nate’s bedroom. He too was burning with fever from biting de Quincey and consuming vampire blood. The two of them shared a hot kiss than Will demanded Tessa to leave his presence. The next night Tessa woke after sleeping the day away. She overheard Will’s raging fit in the dining room and stormed in to give the shadowhunters a piece of her mind.

When Jem took Tessa on a walk to cool off, they were attacked by an army of automatons. Jem had collapsed when they reached the steps of the institution and the other shadowhunters came out to battle the machines. The few clockwork machines that survived ran off. It was then that Tessa learned about Jem’s “illness.” He told her how he was tortured with demon poison when a demon had entered the institution in Shanghai where he lived with his parents. His parents were both killed but somehow he managed to survive. However, his body had been changed. He could only survive on the demon poison. It has been like living with a drug addiction. If he stopped taking the drug he would die, if he uses the drug he would prolong his life, but would eventually die anyway because of the drug.

When Nate woke up he was very startled by the shadowhunters and the institution that he hid and would only allow Tessa to calm him down. Nate told the shadowhunters that de Quincey is the magister and he is planning to bind demon energies into the clockwork machines in order to make a grand army that is not born of God nor the devil. His purpose is to wipe out the shadowhunter clan that he despised so much. Nate told them that this binding would take place under the full moon. When the shadowhunters heard this they realized the full moon was that night and they rushed to gather the enclave to stop de Quincey in his plans.

After Charlotte and Hennery took off to meet with the other clan members, Mr. Mortmain showed up at the door and told Will and Jem where the Dark sisters were. The shadowhunters bad been told that the ceremony was being carried out by the Dark sisters so Will and Jem rushed off to stop them. As soon as they left the institute was attacked. Mortmain and an army of automons discovered a way of getting into the institute. Since the doors would not open to anyone without shadowhunter blood, the automon who attacked Jem still wore his blood on its hands. It was enough to open the institute’s doors.

The others realized that they had been tricked. That Mr. Mortmain and even Nate told a believable story that had all the fighters off chasing lies and now they were free to grab Tessa and the trapped demon energies in the weapons room. Mr. Mortmain turned out to be the magister who wanted Tessa. He even told her he had made her, though didn’t clarify how or why. Nate explained that he felt he didn’t have a sister. That when he found out what she was, she was dead to him. In the end the other shadowhunters made their way back to the institution and destroyed what was left of the machines. Nate on the other hand made off with the box of demon energies and when Tessa faked her death, Mr. Mortmain made his escape as well.

Twilight book summary

Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer

Isabella Swan, known as Bella, decides to move to her dads’ house in Forks Washington despite her better judgment. She has made it a known fact that she despises Forks because of the cold and rainy weather that’s near constant on the Olympic peninsula. However, Bella loves her mother more—enough to let her free to travel with her baseball playing husband.

With Bella’s homecoming gift being a truck bought by her dad Charlie, the sheriff of Forks, she was a little more comfortable not having to ride in the police chief cruiser to school. However, when she enters her biology class on the first day at a new school, Edward Cullen’s gorgeous and intimidating vampire reaction to her scent had her very uncomfortable. With the rest of the week spent with his absence though, Bella was able to slip into a habitual routine at school as well as home.

The next Monday when Bella was relaxed and enjoying the others’ excitement about the snow she saw him. Edward was in the cafeteria with the other Cullen’s and Hales. In biology though, Edward was surprisingly nice filling the hour with friendly chatter. Bella knew her excitement was stupid, but she couldn’t help feeling it in the mornings looking forward to school, to seeing Edward. He is of course gorgeous, all of them are.

When Bella got to school she was distracted by the snow chains wrapped around her tires and when a van spun out of control it was headed in her direction. Bella was trapped like a deer blinded by headlights, too late to move out of the way. Before the van smashed into her, Edward pushed her out of the way. Bella saw Edward seconds before standing four cars down from her and she couldn’t make since of how he was able to get to her so quickly. Of course whenever she asked Edward to explain she would get an aggravating reply in return. Edward wasn’t going to explain and Bella wasn’t going to give in. The hot headedness from both ends left them not speaking to each other.

A few weeks went by in silence toward each other. It wasn’t until the boys at school started asking Bella to the dance that he paid attention to her again. When Bella turns down Mike, Eric, and Tyler, she uses the excuse that she is going to Seattle that day.

The next day Edward approaches Bella and asked if he could drive her to Seattle himself. Bella was so shocked she could only answer with a nod. At lunch Edward asked her to sit with him, and when Bella fainted during Biology he insisted he drive her home. It was clear that Edward’s attitude had changed and as he said more times than one, he was tired of trying to stay away from her. However, when Edward goes on a camping trip with Emmitt he does stay away from her, and when Monday and Tuesday are full of sunshine Edward stays away longer.

During Edwards’s absence, Bella tries to fill her schedule with a group trip to La Push beach down on the Quileute reservation. It was there that Bella first meets Jacob. Jacob filled Bella in on the Quileute’s legion of the “cold ones.” The legion says that the Cullen’s are “blood drinkers,” or “vampires,” but the Cullen’s and the Quileute’s have a peace agreement because they are peaceful vampires—they only drink the blood of animals. Bella wasn’t sure she could believe Edward and his family is vampires, but she decided either way it didn’t matter. She was hooked and could not stand the thought of not seeing him.

Bella didn’t see him again until she went with Jessica and Angela from school to Port Angeles. The girls were shopping for dresses for the school dance. Bella had decided to go only to distract herself from thinking about Edward in his absence. When Bella took off solo in search for a book store, she found trouble instead. When a group of guys surround her, Edward peels the Volvo in for her escape, and Bella rides home with him after dinner at La Bella Italia. On the way home as well as during dinner, Bella had Edward confessing his secrets, and in return she had to admit her suspicions about him being a vampire. By the end of the trip, Edward confesses Bella’s suspicions to be true—everything Jacob had told her—as well as his mind reading abilities.

The next couple of days Edward and Bella spent their time questioning each other. Edward would pick her up before school and walk her to her classes. He would even sit with her at lunch—a table by themselves of course. When Saturday came their plans of going to Seattle changed because of the sunny weather. Instead Edward took Bella on a five mile hike through the woods. She obviously wasn’t happy about the hike, however, when they reached the meadow she was awed by its beauty. Edward and Bella got close to one another in the clearing surrounded by woods. They shared intimate details about how new and strange their feelings were for each other. When time came for them to head back, Edward took Bella for the ride of her life as he ran through the forest with her on his back.

With the scent of Bella fresh in his mind all day, Edward felt comfortable with giving her a kiss and getting closer to her altogether. He even snuck into her room when Charlie—Bella’s dad—came home and admitted to sneaking in almost every night to watch her sleep.

The next day Edward decides to take Bella to his house to meet his family. Bella was welcomed by Edward’s so called foster parents—Carlisle, and Esme. When Alice and Jasper came down the stairs, Alice swarms Bella with a welcoming greeting. The house was nothing how Bella had imagined it. It was light and open, not your typical vampire statuesque.

While visiting the Cullen’s homestead, Bella was invited to watch them play baseball. The game didn’t exactly go as planned when unexpected guest showed up wanting to play. When the other vampires caught sent of Bella, James the tracker formed a plan to get her. Edward of course knew exactly what James was thinking. With James on the loose tracking Bella’s sent, she wasn’t safe to go home. Edward, Bella, Alice, and Emmitt had formed a plan that would get her out of town and keep Charlie safe and suspicion free. It also required Charlie to be hurt with Bella’s harsh words. When Bella was safely out of town with Alice and Jasper as her protectors, Edward, Carlisle, and Emmitt, would hunt and destroy the tracker. Esme, and Rosealie, would keep an eye on the red headed female while keeping Charlie safe.

While in Phoenix Arizona—the city Bella grew up in—there was nothing to do in the motel except wait for news from the others. When Alice has visions of James they realized he was not being hunted anymore, and when Bella realizes the visions were at her house in Phoenix, Edward, and the others board a plane to get her. Bella wanted to warn her mother not to come home from Florida early so she called the house and left a message on the answering machine. While James was at her house he received the message and the number to call Bella.

When James formed a plan he called Bella and pretended to have her mom in order to get her to sneak away from her careful watchers and meet him at the ballet studio down the road from her house. While there James attacked Bella and filmed the torture hoping to receive a bigger fight when Edward found him. He didn’t know that Edward was closer than expected. When Edward got to the ballet studio, Bella was almost dead with broken bones, fractured skull, and a venomous bite left to turn her into a vampire. Edward had to make the hard decision to suck the venom out.

Bella woke three days later in the hospital, not a vampire. James had been destroyed, but Victoria—the red haired vampire—had gotten away, and Alice staged Bella’s cover up story for her parents. Bella was able to continue her not so normal life.

Crescendo book summary

Crescendo is the second book in the Hush Hush series, written by Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora Gray and her handsome guardian angel Patch were enjoying the fireworks at Delphic beach when Nora decided to get a hamburger at the food stand. The wait in the long line was boring, but when Nora spotted her archenemy Marcie standing behind her she tried to be a good sport and politely converse with her. Marcie on the other hand did what she always did, she humiliated Nora. Marcie brought up some bad memories of Nora’s dad’s death that left Nora in a miserable mood the rest of the night

When Patch drove Nora back to her farmhouse on the outskirts of town, Nora confessed her love to him. Patch however could not, he is a guardian angel and was meant to protect her, not to fall in love with her and the archangels were going to see to it that he didn’t. Patch’s concern then however was the feeling of danger Nora was in. Even though he didn’t know who the danger was from, he wouldn’t give up until he found out.

During summer school, Nora sat in biology and was surprised that Marcie sat down at the table next to her. Marcie informed Nora that Patch was standing in her driveway watching her in the bedroom window and she wanted to know if she should be scared. Nora’s day was getting worse and worse with Marcie becoming her new lab partner. To top off the day Nora’s mom was throwing a dinner to try and hook up Nora with her friend’s son Scott. However, before the dinner took place, Nora gets into a fight with Patch and breaks up with him. Nora was angry with Patch for not explaining what he was doing at Marcie’s house, and she found that all the secrets Patch was not willing to let her in on had her anger with him at the highest. She could no longer be in a relationship with Patch unless he tells her what was going on.

Things between Patch and Marcie progress into what looked like a relationship. Patch had been assigned to Marcie as her guardian angel and he had no choice if he didn’t want to go to hell. Nora told Patch that she did not want him as her guardian angel anymore, therefore he wasn’t. Patch however, could not accept the order to keep his distance and stay out of the way of Nora’s destiny. He knew someone was out to hurt Nora and as he investigated more, he suspected his good friend and fallen angel Rixon to be the one wanting to harm her.

Nora had been doing a little investigation herself. She has been haunted by her father’s spirit and when someone delivers an envelope with a ring and the name Black Hand, she searches for answers of who killed her father. She finds out that Scott is nephilm though he doesn’t understand himself what that means exactly. Nora also suspects Patch to be the one who murdered her father when Rixon tells her Patch use to go by the name of the Black Hand.

Things were not adding up for Patch and Nora and with the archangels and Rixon keeping the two of them from communicating with each other, the truth is not revealed until the end of the book. When Nora goes to Delphic beach for a party, she finds herself running away from Scott thinking he had something to do with her dad’s death, however when Rixon comes to her rescue he leads her into the tunnels under the park where he tries to sacrifice her to become human.

We learned in the first book how the book of Enoch suggests a fallen angel could become human if their nephilm vessel was killed. Niphilm Chauncey had been killed when Nora sacrificed herself however; Patch turned down a human body and took guardianship instead. In this book, we learn that Nora’s father is not who she thought he was. Her father is in fact Marcie’s father and he is nephilm and the Black Hand. The Black Hand is Rixon’s nephilm and therefore wants to kill Nora so he can have a human body. Nora learns though from touching the scars on Rixon’s back that he was the one who killed her supposed father.

Patch comes in at the last minute to save Nora from her fate. In order to do so he had to go behind the archangels back and become rogue—meaning when the archangels do find him they will send him to hell for interfering in Nora’s fate.

Torment book summary

Torment is the second book in the Fallen series, written by Lauren Kate

The angles had called a truce for the battle that started at Sword & Cross. The two sides, Daniel and Cam, would work together for eighteen days destroying any threat that approaches Luce, while Luce herself would be spending her time in yet another boarding school. Across the states to California, Luce has to say goodbye to Daniel for a short time that seems like an eternity.

Unlike Sword & Cross, Shoreline is a beautiful campus set on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Cell phones are allowed, and there are no camera’s watching your every move. Shoreline is a more prestige school to attend.

At Shoreline, Luce is thrown in to the “honors” program that is actually a cover up for a group of nephilim to develop. Luce realizes that all the angles and nephilim know more about her than she does. In fact, Luce and Daniels love story has been bedtime talk throughout the nephilim childhood.

Even though Daniel had told Luce he couldn’t see her for two weeks he snuck on campus and discreetly pulled Luce away from Rolland’s’ new kid on the block party. Seeing Daniel was like Heaven for Luce, however when Daniel gets demanding with Luce needing to stay on campus, she gets upset and defensive with his attitude, leaving the pleasant visit with a heated conversation.

The next day Luce finds a letter under her door from Daniel. The letter suggested she take the enclosed bus ticket and meet with him away from the school grounds.  Luce never thought the letter might be a trick until she arrives at Noyo Point and the only familiar face she finds is Cams. Cam was even more surprised by seeing Luce there.  Although Luce had a lot of unpleasant things on her mind to say to him, there was little time to do so when they spotted the enemy who lured Luce there in the first place. An outcast, Cam explained that they are angles who sided with Satan during the war but when they fell they tried to go back to heaven and were stopped short. Even Satan himself wouldn’t allow them in hell so they walk the earth cursed and blind. Although Luce didn’t like it, Cam had come to her rescue. A bit of a change that left Luce feeling even more confused than before.

The morning after, Luce finds herself back at Noyo Point and disobeying not only Daniel’s orders but Cam’s as well. The student committee had planned a trip on a luxury yacht and Luce was on the committee. When Dawn, a Luce look-a-like, fell overboard the yacht and pulled deep into the water, Luce gets a firsthand glance at the dangers she has been warned about. Luce jumps in to save Dawn and earns herself a lot of points as a hero to the other students.

When the teacher duo, Francesca and Steven, show the class how to read the announcers, Luce sees it as a way to learn about her past lives and she practices alone in the forest near the school. Luce had an announcer in her hand and was wrestling around with it trying to stretch it into something that resembled a screen, but by the end of the day she had no luck. Luce would not give up on reading the announcers; she had Shelby, her roommate to help her with glimpsing them.

Luce and Shelby get the hang of glimpsing an announcer and what they see is an old couple in a retirement community up in Shasta. They realize the strangers in the announcer use to be Luces parents in a previous life, but when Shelby scores the keys to her sorry-ass-ex-boyfriend’s car and drives Luce up to Shasta, Luce could not bring herself to meet them. When Steven caught Luce trying to glimpse an announcer under the classroom, she has to meet with him after class, however the meeting didn’t go quit as planned when Steven decides to help her glimpse the announcer using safer techniques.

Occasionally, Daniel would pop in to see Luce. The visits always start out so sweet with a passionate kiss however there would never be a goodbye kiss when Daniel gets demanding that Luce stay on campus. Of course Luce gets offended with Daniels hot-headedness and leaves things between them awkward.

Luce stays focused on her mission to figure out her past in order to move on with her future. She finds that she can summon the announcer with the answer she wishes for. But when Luce sees a past Luce with Daniel, she tries to save herself by going inside the announcer, Shelby and Miles pull her out just in time. Miles horrified by what he witnessed Luce do, took it upon himself to sneak into Steven’s office and snatch a book on announcers. If Luce was going to travel through the announcers he wanted to make sure to do it right so Luce wouldn’t get lost forever.

After a night of reading; Miles, Luce, and Shelby opened the door in the announcer that led to a strange past life Luce in Vegas. Only this Luce was much older. When they reached the card table the woman named Vera was dealing, she and Luce touched fingertips and Luce could see Vera’s memories of her. Vera was Luce’s older sister and it freaked Vera out to see her. Arriane swooped in to save the day just as security was about to take the three hoodlums away.  After a quick breakfast and an even quicker history lesson, Arriane brawled with an unwanted outcast then escorted the three back to school where Daniel was waiting.

Luce, Shelby, and Miles found themselves in detention for their trip to Vegas. Luce being grounded had a lot of time to think about things. She had figured out that Daniel had to make a choice to tip the scales between Heaven and Hell only he was undecided which side to choose. Until now Luce was sure he should choose good over evil, but good and evil was looking a lot alike. Maybe there was more to the story than she originally thought.

Things get confusing when Miles stops by Luces room to visit her while she is grounded. Luce had been feeling things for Miles that she shouldn’t be feeling for a friend. Miles makes it clear to Luce that he too has more than friend feelings for her when he kisses her. The kiss was awkward and nice at the same time, however noticing Daniel watching from a distance was even more awkward.

When Luce gets sprung from school along with Miles and Shelby for Thanksgiving at her parent’s house, Luce still hadn’t seen Daniel since she witnessed the agony on his face that night. Arriena and Rolland escorted Luce and her friend from Shoreline to her parents. Then while at her parent’s house, her best friend Callie from Dover shows up along with Daniel, Cam, and Gabbie and Molly from Sword & Cross. Two nephilum, three demons, three angles, Callie, Luce, and Luce’s parents, it was a Thanksgiving none of them would forget.

After dinner Luce’s parents took the dog for a walk, and in the distance Luce saw something lurking around.  Suddenly a loud knock filled the house and a scream from Callie had Luce running toward her. Standing in the doorway was Shelby’s sorry-ass-ex-boyfriend, but he wasn’t just a SAEB he was also an outcast there to fetch Luce. The angelic followed the outcast outside for battle while the others stayed inside, including a now very frightened and confused Callie.

The outcast greatly outnumbered the rest of them, and when Miles was in danger of being shot, Luce stopped the fighting to surrender herself. She couldn’t stand to see another one of her friends getting killed because of her. All eyes were on Luce. She learned that the outcast were not there to harm her but to use her to get them back to heaven. Luce took advantage of the situation to get a few answers of her own. Time was short though, and Miles was already working on casting an image of Luce to trick the outcast. The image worked, it was like another Luce. While the real Luce hid in the shed, the image Luce agreed to go with the outcast. Everyone was fooled even Daniel. As he watched her fly away with the outcast he cried out in agony, and Cam shot a starshot right into the image Luce and made her disappear. Daniel however thought it was real and wanted to kill Cam, but when he heard the hissing of an announcer he turned to see his Luce slipping away into it.

Hush Hush book summary

Hush Hush, written by Becca Fitzpatrick

When Coach McConaughy rearranged the seating chart in his Biology class, Nora and best friend Vee gets separated and Nora ends up with a partner that knows more about her than he should. Patch seems dark, dangerous, and secretive when he opts out of giving Nora any information for their first assignment. For Nora this assignment could just as well mean the difference in a full or half scholarship to an Ivy League university. Against her better judgment, Nora halls herself over to Bo’s Arcade to make Patch answer the questions she needed to finish her assignment. It was clear that Patch was a lunatic and besides knowing what he couldn’t possibly know, he singled her out in humiliating ways.

Things soon become strange with the feeling Nora had of being followed by patch. After running into him at the library she runs him over on the street, so she thought. After the scary attack by the guy in the ski mask, Nora floored it back to Vee’s house only to find out there was no damage to the car. Had Nora imagined the attack? No. She couldn’t believe it, there was something strange going on and Nora knew somehow that Patch was involved.

The next morning while having breakfast at Enzo’s Bistro, two boys introduce themselves to Nora and Vee. Elliot, the built handsome one clearly took an interest to Nora, while 6 foot 10 inches Jules just looked bored hunched over in his chair. The boys attended school at Kinghorn Prep in Portland, but Elliot just transferred to Cold Water High. When Elliot starts to make his move on Nora she finds herself with Patch’s voice in her head. Nora can’t help but feel drawn to Patch, but she sees Elliot’s charm as a way to distract herself.

The girls meet up with Elliot and Jules at Delphic Seaport. Jules disappears to the bathroom where he never returns while Nora disappears shortly after running into Patch. Patch talked her into riding the archangel and while on the ride her seat belt comes undone and Nora falls to her death. However, when the ride comes to a stop she realizes none of it had actually happened. When Patch walks her back to the arcade to meet up with the others, she couldn’t find them anywhere. Scanning the parking lot, Nora discovers Vee’s Neon is gone. Nora has no choice but to accept Patch’s offer to drive her home.

Patch practically invites himself into Nora’s house to make her tacos. When Patch makes his move on her, Nora finds herself playing with fire. Things were about to catch fire when Nora’s phone rang. Patch invited her again to a party on Sunday night then let himself out. Nora had no plans on going to a party with Patch. Instead she spends Sunday shopping with Vee. When Nora notices a stalker, vee decides to make a trap by leaving the store wearing Nora’s jacket. When Nora reaches the meet up point she was too late. Vee was lying on the ground beaten up and robbed.

While Nora was in the library doing research for her school’s eZine paper she stumbled across an article about Elliot. The article said he was a suspect in the Kinghorn hanging. While she was reading over the article Elliot popped in. Elliot insisted on taking her to dinner and Nora barely talked her way out of going. However, the next day she wasn’t as lucky when Vee had invited Elliot and Jules to dinner with them at the Borderline where Patch worked. Then plan was to dig information out of the coworkers when Patch wasn’t working. The plan failed when Nora realized Patch was working that day. It was too late to avoid humiliation though because Nora was already decked out in a wig, short skirt, and hills. And yes, Patch noticed.

When Nora got home that night, she discovered her bedroom a wreck and the stalking masked figure standing among the wreckage. It was the same guy she ran over with the neon and the same one that attacked Vee. When the stalker threw himself out the window Nora ran down stairs to call 911. However, when the cops arrived the damage was gone. Nora found her bedroom in the same exact order she had left it in that morning and the window was shut and locked.

Nora was falling for Patch after getting another ride home from him and a date on Saturday night. Things felt official when Patch met Nora’s mother. Her problems with Elliot on the other hand only intensified.

Elliot popped over to visit Nora early one morning. He was drunk and became aggressive with her. Elliot wanted her and Vee to go camping with him and Jules but Nora turned him down. When Elliot woke Nora’s mom up by throwing her up against the house he left, but not before the threat that he wasn’t done with her yet.

When Nora’s mom left for the day, Nora decided to carry out her plan of going to Portland and investigate the suicide/murder of Kjirsten Halverson who Elliot was questioned in her death. Nora strolls into Blind Joe’s—the dinner where Kjirsten had worked—to ask the waitress questions. In order for Nora to get any information out of waitress she had to give up what money she had with her on food and tips.

Nora had just gotten on the bus to go home when Vee texted her cell. Vee was in Portland with Elliot and Jules at a supposed party. Nora had no choice but to get off the bus to find Vee but what she found was herself in a bad part of town. When Nora had to ask for directions, an old bag lady talked her out of her coat and beanie for her knowledge of Highsmith Street. Halfway down the dark tunnel, Nora realized she left her cell phone in her coat pocket and was walking back to the bag lady when she witnessed her murder. Nora wasn’t able to find her cell phone so instead she ran to the payphone and dialed Patch’s number.

When Patch arrived, he helped Nora into his jeep and drove off. Nora used Patch’s phone to call Vee but then the phone died. Vee informed her that things had changed and she was on her way home. Halfway between Portland and Cold Water, the jeep broke down and Nora and Patch had no choice but to walk to a motel and call for help. With the phone lines down because of the storm they rented a motel room. With enough hot water to wash them, Nora and Patch ended up half naked because of their drenched clothes.

Nora accidently touched the V-shaped scar on Patch’s back and she was looking back in time, before she met Patch. He was at Bo’s Arcade when he received a visit from Miss Greene—Nora’s Psychologist at the school. Miss Greene begged Patch to save someone’s life and get his wings back so they could be together again. Patch had other plans, he didn’t want to be a guardian angel he needed to know the name of who he should save and Miss Greene told him Nora Grey. She told him Nora dies because Patch wanted her dead.

The vision scared Nora, when she was back in the motel room with Patch he tackled her on the bed and tried to convince her he meant her no harm. Not anymore anyways. Nora wanted to see more. She knew that Patch had secrets and a dark past but she wanted to trust him. Patch allowed her to view into his past again and Nora found herself in a remote cemetery were Patch was talking to Rixon about the book of Enoch. The book is a bedtime story for angels. However, the book contains secrets about how a fallen angel can become human by killing their nephilim vessel. In Patch’s case that would be Chauncey. When Nora tells Patch about Dabria being Miss Greene, he is suddenly in a hurry to get the jeep and get back to town so he can figure out what she is up to.

Patch did a look through the house before he left Nora there by herself, but it didn’t help that Dabria was waiting down the road for Patch to leave. Dabria attacked Nora and set her house on fire. Dabria wanted Patch and as long as Nora was in her way she was going to take care of her. Patch showed up in time to save Nora and get her out of the house before the police came. Patch tossed his keys to her and told her to meet him at Delphic. Nora on the other hand wasn’t sure about meeting up with Patch. Dabria told Nora that Patch needed to sacrifice her in order to get a human body.

When Patch found Nora hiding at the movie theatre he changed her mind about being frightened of him. In the bathroom Nora fell for Patch again. She lost herself in his kiss and it wasn’t until Vee called that she remembered her best friend was still in danger.

Elliot and Jules had Vee trapped in the school. Nora and Patch drove over there to save her only to end up separated when Patch went inside and left Nora waiting in the car. After about twenty minutes of waiting, Elliot called and told her he could see her in the car. Nora went inside and tripped over Jules dead body in the dark. Nora found Elliot half dead in the library and without seeing Vee or Patch she didn’t know what was going on.

Jules surprised Nora by not being dead and by being Chauncey, the nephilim who shares the same blood line as her, has the same mark as her, and wants to kill her. After a battle, Nora runs to find Vee in the eZine classroom. Vee had been knocked out and scared she was blind because she couldn’t see. Nora explained to Vee the whole building was dark and she needed to get away and call the police. When Nora ran into the gym to get away from Jules/Chauncey, she found herself trapped and climbed the ladder to the rafters above. Patch had come to save her but there was little he could do. Nora thought over her options and decided to throw herself off the rafters. Nora sacrificed herself to kill Chauncey and give Patch a human body.

When Nora woke up she was back at home. Patch explained that he turned down the sacrifice she made, rejecting the human body and took guardian angel instead. Now he is Nora’s guardian angel. However, Nora still had to explain to her mom and the cops about what happened to the house.

City of Bones book summary

City of Bones, written by Cassandra Clare

When Clary Frey goes to club Pandemonium in New York a blue haired boy catches her eye and she couldn’t help but watch his every move. When his move led him into a storage room with a tall thin dark haired girl, he wasn’t the only boy entering that room. The sight of the two teenagers following the blue haired boy wasn’t as unusual as the sight of the knife in one of their hands. Clary’s best friend Simon went to get help and Clary herself swallowed her panic and went after the teenagers in the storage room. What happened next not only shocked her but the shadowhunters as well. The shadowhunters included Isabelle, the tall thin dark-haired girl, Jace with the knife, and Isabelle’s brother Alec. Just as Clary expected the blue haired boy was in danger. He had been tied up and about to be killed when Clary stepped into the room. Confusion spread through the teenagers however, it didn’t keep the shadowhunters from doing their job. The blue haired boy was a shape shifting demon and had to be sent back to his own dimension. When the body of the boy/demon disappeared Clary realized that strange things were taking place and she could not make sense of them. Then enters Simon with the club’s bouncer behind him, the new comers to the storage room could not see any one but Clary and she had to leave quietly despite her many questions in order to keep a sane persona.

The next day more surprises are thrown at Clary and she barely survives them. Just as any normal teenager, Clary has a fight with her mother over leaving the city for the summer and she runs off with Simon. Despite her better judgment she goes to watch one of Simon’s friends slam some horrible poetry. While at Java Jones, Jace suddenly appears to take Clary back to the institute. Before Clary has a chance to think about what Jace was saying her mother called. Jocelyn Fray was in a frantic state on the other end of the phone line, and told Clary not to come home right before the phone disconnected. Clary was now frantic herself she drops her phone on the concrete and the phone brakes. Clary grabs a phone from Jace and runs toward her apartment only to find out that what she took from Jace wasn’t a phone. When Clary reaches the apartment she discovers it in a mess. Coach cushions ripped and puking cotton innards, Jocelyn’s paintings ripped apart and glass from the frames shattered everywhere. This wasn’t some normal robbery, someone was looking for something. Despite the mess everything seemed to be there except her mother. Jocelyn was gone but a ravener demon was there and by the sound it made it was hungry and Clary just happened to be on the menu. When the demon went for a bite, Clary shoved the devise she had taken from Jace in the half alligator half centipede looking beast’s teeth and it started to shake. The demon was going to disappear back to its own dimension but before leaving it got Clary in the back of her neck and she blacked out.

Clary woke moments later behind the rose bushes her mother tended. Jace was trying to get her back to the institution so Hodge could fix her up but the demon police force in charge of cleaning up demonic caused messes showed up. Jace acted on instinct to hide Clary by way of marking her with a ruin. A ruin could kill any normal Mundane but Clary wasn’t normal. Jace wasn’t convinced that she was a Mundie at all. Clary woke in the institute’s infirmary three days later.

When Clary was able to use the phone and get ahold of Luke, her mother’s best friend and the only father figure Clary has ever known, she was disappointed when he told her to leave him alone and to stay where she was. The institute with the Shadowhunters and their life she knew nothing about. Clary however, needed to go back to her apartment to retrieve some of her things. When Clary and Jace entered the apartment it was empty, nothing but a forsaken—there to attack them—was left.

After Jace defeated the forsaken soldier he hadn’t had enough. Jace was headed back up the stairs to the apartment when Clary’s neighbor Madame Dorothea stopped him. Clary and Jace was intrigued by what Dorothea—mundane raised by a witch—had to say. However, when Jace spotted a five dimensional door in Dorothea’s apartment, Clary goes flying through the portal to Luke’s house with Jace on her heels.

The two shadowhunters ran into the very normal mundane Simon, and Clary told him everything that had happened to her since their departure. She even told him what she knew of the shadow world. When Luke came home the three teenagers hid and were able to find out some interesting facts about Jacelyn and Luke. One fact that they learned was that Valentine and Jocelyn was married.

There was still confusion and things not adding up to much, but one thing that was for certain was that Clary had a block in her mind. After a bone chilling trip to the Bone City seeking help from the silent brothers, Clary learned the name of the person responsible for the spell that blocked her memories. Magnus Bane.

That night Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, and Simon went to a party that the High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane was hosting. Isabelle just so happened to have an invitation with her. Magnus explained to Clary that he put a spell on her memories by the request of her mother. The spell however could not be undone. Clary would have to wait for the spell to wear off. On the way out Isabelle announced that Simon had turned into a rat by drinking one of the fairy drinks. That spell too would have to just wear off but, before the shadowhunters could leave the party safely one of the vampires stole rat-Simon out of Clary’s bag. Clary and Jace was now in search for the vampire’s lair. With the information Magnus had given them they set off for the Hotel Dumont.

While in the hotel, Clary and Jace found Simon as well as themselves surrounded by vampires. Clary thought things looked bad but, when the wolves crashed in wanting Clary for themselves, the shadowhunters found themselves in the middle of a downworlder war. Clary, Jace, and rat-Simon ran for their lives up to the roof of the hotel and flew off with a flying motorcycle that runs on demon energies.

For Clary’s birthday Jace took her on a picnic up in the greenhouse of the institute. The sweet gestures soon had Jace and Clary kissing but when Simon saw he ruined the mood with his love confession and stomped home.

Later while Clary was messing with her sketch pad she discovered that through a rune she could hide objects in the drawings. Clary realized that’s how her mother hid the mortal cup and she knew exactly where too. In the tarot cards that Jocelyn painted for Dorothea. When Simon drove the shadowhunters over to Dorothea’s apartment no one was surprised when Clary pulled the cup out of the card however, when the Greater Demon came through the portal, all but Dorothea was shocked. When the shadowhunters were being crushed by the demon Abbadon, Simon busted in and saved the day with his excellent archery skills.

Back at the institute Hodge learned of their success with retrieving the mortal cup and attacked Clary and Jace in order to hand the cup over to Valentine. When Valentine came, he lifted the curse that bound Hodge to the institute and took the mortal cup as well as Jace with him through the portal he had arrived from.

Clary was trapped in an invisible cage but when she realized she still had Jace’s Steele she used it to shatter the invisible wall around her. Now nothing was in her way to go after Hodge for what he had done. When she found him he wasn’t going to give up without a fight. When Hodge was about to slice Clary up with his chakram a wolf jumped in and attacked him. When the wolf turned on Clary she knocked her head hard enough to black out.

When Clary woke she was in a jail cell and when Luke walked in he told her everything about him being the wolf and about her mom and Valentine and how Valentine is her dad. Clary knew that Valentine had used a portal to enter the institution so he must have been hiding some place near a portal. Magnus had said there were only two portals in New York; one at Dorothea’s which was destroyed when the Greater Demon came through it and, the other at Renwick’s. Clary found with the help of Simon that Renwick’s was a hospital for small pox located on the south end of Roosevelt Island.

Luke gathered on army of lycanthropes and together they headed for Renwick’s to retrieve Jocelyn, Jace, and the mortal cup from Valentine. Clary and Luke found Jocelyn still asleep under a spell and chained to a bed. Luke fought off Valentine’s men while Clary ran in search for Jace. She found Jace but was not expecting to see him in such good shape. Jace explained to Clary that his father wasn’t dead and when Valentine walked in he explained to Clary how he was Jace’s father as well as hers. Clary and Jace were taking two different sides when it came to the matter of Valentine. When Luke was about to die at the hand of Valentine though, Jace stepped in to stop him. Jace was going to kill Valentine himself but could not bring himself to do it so Valentine escaped through the portal smashing it in his wake.

Fallen book summary

Fallen, written by Lauren Kate

When Luce Price enrolled at Sword & Cross for her senior year, she never expected to learn her life had been repeated again and again. She had been seeing the shadows lurking near for a long time, long enough that she has stopped taking her meds. However with the recent confusing event that took place, her boyfriend burning right after their first kiss—her first ever—Luce had to convince everyone she was stable enough to stay off the antipsychotics. Her sentence on the other hand was leaving her best friend Callie and her beloved Plymouth Fury behind for reform school, mandated by the court.

Sword &Cross, a grim and creepy place with plenty of mold, barred windows, and a barbed wired fence surrounding the grounds, where cell phones are prohibited, cameras watch you’re every move, and the other students are juvenile delinquents. In a school with a messily 80 students Luce makes a few friends, and is quickly befriended by Arianne, one of the fallen angels staying at Sword & Cross. Arianne knows all the ins and outs in the school whose motto is “Meds, beds, and reds.” However, the one classmate she wants to know the best, the one she feels strangely familiar with, doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Daniel, a fallen angle who falls madly in love with Luce every seventeen years, shares a part in an ancient curse that destroys Luce and continues the cycle of  her reincarnation. Daniel try’s to avoid Luce for her own good, but when evil Molly lands them both in detention; the shadows come and place Daniel in a position of having to save her.

While Daniel continues to avoid Luce his fallen enemy Cam comes in to sweep her off her feet. Cam is everything Daniel isn’t. He is kind, caring, and knows exactly the right times to make Luce feel better.

When Luce has the desire to be desirable the most because of Daniels constant belittling of her, Cam snatches her away for a little romantic picnic in the graveyard. When Neutrogena-model-look-alike Gabbe finds the two of them, she interrupts an almost kiss. What Luce didn’t know was a kiss shared with Cam might change everything she feels for Daniel. It might change her destiny, the curse, and the world as we know it.

Daniel decides to take a short break from his usual avoidance of Luce and take her to a lake for a swim. Luce interrupts the casual fun when she questions the familiar connection between them. Daniel turns back on the sadistic side and leaves Luce behind in the middle of the lake.

The shadow’s that have been lurking around Luce for twelve years only get more constant and aggressive while Luce is at Sword & Cross. She discovers she can fight them back, but when she is in the library doing some research on Daniel, the shadow’s become more aggressive than ever before. A fire breaks out in the library and Luce along with innocent Todd choke their way through the thick smoke to the exit. When they reach the hallway it’s not the smoke that they have to battle but the dark shadows lurking overhead that try to keep them from reaching the outside. Things get confusing when Luce and Todd are picked up and flown to the outside door. The bright light outside had Luces attention so she didn’t see the shadow that was coming toward them. The impact of the hit sent Luce flying to the ground and knocked her out. The impact of the force that hit Todd broke his neck and now Luce was left reliving her worse nightmare. The nightmare of that one day, the day that changed everything, and the day that got her sent here in the first place. Just like Trevor before, Todd’s’ death looked to be her fault.

When Luce shares with Daniel her deepest darkest secret, the secret she swore never to tell anyone, Daniel realizes that Luce can see the shadows. The Luce’s of the past has never been able to see them before. Daniel realizes this life is different.

Cam gets a little affectionate with Luce in front of Daniel. In Daniels rage he knocks Cam off of Luce and they begin to fight. Luce realizes just how much Daniel does care for her. In fact things at school get heated when both guys make it obvious as to care for her. Cam and Daniel continue competing and fighting for her attention. Luce has to do the right thing and tell Cam they can’t be together, however, is Cam willing to let her go?

Luce agreed to meet Cam by the front gates only to give back the serpent necklace he had given her and tell him how she felt, except for the part where she felt every devastating blow Cam laid on Daniel. When Luce goes to meet Cam, it’s not Cam she finds but a note and a ride to take her to him. When Luce arrives at the nasty old sink drain of a bar, things don’t go as planned. Cam gets into another fight when a homely drunkard picks a fight. Scared enough by Cam’s strength, Luce runs out the door and into the arms of Daniel there to rescue her.

On the way back to Sword & Cross, Daniel pulls the car over to go for a walk on the beach. Luce expresses her frustration with Daniels hot-one-minute-cold-the-next attitude by taking it upon herself to go after him. Luce gives Daniel a kiss on the lips, and though she felt the intense heat when he kissed her back, she did not burn up or disappear. Daniel on the other hand was confused. He knew something had to of changed, but he didn’t know what.

The next day Luce finds two notes under her door. One was from Cam wanting a chance to apologize for the night before, the other from Daniel asking her to join him by the lake. Luce wants to run to Daniel right away, however, she still owed Cam an explanation and decided to clear the air so she could really be with Daniel without confusions. When Luce meets with Cam, he forces her into a kiss. The kiss had Luce lost, she couldn’t remember Daniel or anything before that moment until Daniel and Gabbe steps in to roughly brake it up. While Gabbe takes care of Cam with her supper angel fighting abilities, Daniel takes off with Luce to explain the impossible.

Daniel tells Luce that he gets to live forever but is doomed to fall in love with her every seventeen years, because she never survives the kiss. Of course Luce doesn’t believe him. She doesn’t believe him when he tells her about her many past lives and she can’t wrap her mind around it when he tells her that she knows it to be true, although she feels it to be true.

The more Daniel said, the more she felt something inside her wake up. The more he said the weaker she felt. Luce had to get away, she needed to lie down. When she leaves Daniel broken in torment at the cemetery, she goes to her dorm where she finds the book her and Penn had been looking for. The book was written by one of Daniels relatives, so she thought.

Inside the front cover of the book revealed a shocking picture of Luce and Daniel in one of her past lives. The picture provided evidence of what Daniel had told her. Still, she couldn’t make sense of it. She needed Penn to help her reason with what knowledge she had been given. Penn however, could not be found, instead Luce runs into Miss Sophia. When Luce realizes that Miss Sophia knows more about her life than she does, she gets the overwhelming feeling to run to Daniel. Luce and Miss Sophia run off together toward the cemetery where Luce had left him.

At the cemetery, a lot more was going on than just a broken heart. Sparks were flying everywhere in the center of the graveyard, and a huge cloud of locus was perched high on the canopy of a tree. The peace between the angles had been broken and a battle was in the works. Luce had no idea what her still being here has done. She had no idea what anything even meant, but Luce none the less was in the middle of it all.

Miss Sophia ran with Luce and Penn, who had showed up in the cemetery, leaving Daniel and Cam to fight the angelic battle. Their mission was to run to safety, their fault was trusting Miss Sophia. One of the twenty-four elders, Miss Sophia earned some very unwanted attention in Heaven when she killed Penn and tried to sacrifice Luce.

Miss Sophia explains the difference in this life. In previous lives, Luce had always been baptized; she was always brought up with religion. In this life, Luce was not, her soul was up for grabs and Miss Sophia saw it as a means to end the war.

Daniel broke into the church/gym just in time to save Luce from the blade in Miss Sophia’s grip. The traitor might have gotten away for now, but the battle was still continuous and no one was safe yet. Luce had to leave Penn behind, she had to trust Daniel to give her friend a proper burial, and leave the school. Luce had no choice but to put her trust in another one of Sword & Crosses teachers. Mr. Cole however, is and will only be just mortal. After a too short a goodbye with Daniel, Mr. Cole flew Luce away from it all to a place where she will hide from all the dangers that want to do her harm.

It’s the curse that binds the two of them together, it’s the kiss that takes her away, and it’s the shadows that watch every move.  This life however, is different. In this life Daniel can kiss Luce without losing her. This may be Luce’s last life. If she dies she’s not coming back, and there are a lot of fallen angels that want Luce dead. Caught in the middle of an ancient war, Luce has answers to find. She has huge decisions to make, and little help with discovering them.

The Hunger Games book summary

The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins

When North America is destroyed and turned into a TV-dominated dictatorship known as Panem, the oppressive government in the Capitol keeps the 12 districts in line by making them provide the “tributes” for the most publicized television entertainment. The Hunger Games is an annual event were 24 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 fight to the death in a giant, treacherous arena located at the capitol. The 24 are chosen by lottery—two from each district—the winner gets a life of ease while the losers get death.

Katniss and best friend Gale, are up at the crack of dawn hunting in the woods on the morning of the reaping. There is no reason why today should be different than any other day, passing the boundaries of district 12 and poaching wild game. Besides, if they didn’t their families would go hungry and death by a bullet would be quicker than death by starvation. Of course the Capitol provides tesserae for oil and grain if you are between the ages of twelve and eighteen and willing to place your name in the reaping that is already growing with slips of your name on it, one for each year that you are eligible for the games. However, the tesserae are only enough to prolong the slow painful death of starvation. It happens a lot in the seam of district twelve where bragging rights goes out to the old with their success of survival and to the hefty for having plenty to eat.

The reaping starts at 2 O’clock, and is held in the square where Effie will call out the names of the two tributes that will participate in the games this year. Everyone is required to attend! Katniss having twenty entries and Gale with forty-two, know they stand a good chance of having their names drawn. When the female name is read, the shocking result leaves district 12 with a lasting impression. Primrose Everdeen, Effie hollers out into the crowd, and after a few minutes Katniss realizes what had just happened. Prim, her twelve year old sister with only one slip of paper in the drawing is going to the hunger games.

Before Effie even has a chance to call for volunteers to take Prim’s place, Katniss runs forward. Katniss has protected her sister after their father was killed in the mines and Katniss has kept Prim from getting tesserae to keep her name safe from the reaping, however she could not stop the one mandatory name Prim had in the drawing. With much gratitude from the crowd, they show Katniss respect by their old and rarely used gesture of admiration with three middle fingers of their left hand, the crowd touched their lips and hold them out to Katniss.

Katniss feels no better about the name that was called next for the male tribute then her own. Peeta Mellark, the baker’s son who had saved her life with some bread when she just about starved to death. The two tributes were not friends, but Katniss felt she owed Peeta for that one kind act when she was eleven. Now, they would have to battle against each other as well as twenty-two more tributes from the

Katniss and Peeta are taken into the Justice Building where they will say a short goodbye to their families. From now on the two of them will be in the custody of Padem’s peacekeepers. The Hunger Games are such a huge televised ordeal that the gamemakers cannot risk a tribute escaping. With camera’s watching their every move, Katniss and Peeta are moved onto a train that will transport them to the Capitol. For a week all the tributes are pampered and fed the best of foods. In the Capitol, there are no one starving, but to Katniss and Peeta these people are strange with their fashion, makeup, and accents.

During the week in the Capitol, the tributes have busy schedules to keep. Guided by Effie and their mentor Haymitch, (the only one of two past winner of the games still alive from district 12), Katniss and Peeta are trained, portrayed, and earn sponsors while in the arena by their hands. Also helping out is Cinna and Portia with the costume designs. The two designers hit off the first public parade of the tributes since the reaping with fiery costumes that have actual flames. The crowd goes crazy for Katniss and she becomes the talk of the public.

During the Private session with the gamemakers the tributes have a chance to show off what talents they possess. Katniss using her bow blows the audience away with her shot through the apple and earns herself the top score of eleven. Peeta earns an impressive eight by throwing some weights around. However, during the televised interview with Caesar Flickerman he declares his love for Katniss and captivates the audience with his lover boy approach. Of course Haymitch had told the both of them to act like they liked each other, but Katniss was lost for words when Peeta declares his love.

The image Effie and Haymitch wanted Katniss and Peeta to play are star cross lovers caught in the antagonizing battle of the arena, but for Peeta the act is real. Katniss doesn’t know what to make of his feelings, she tries to throw the feelings off as an act, but in truth she has no time to think about it too much. Katniss has to keep her mind in the games and they both can’t win.

The time the tributes spent at the Capitol preparing for the arena, has gained district 12 much love and support for the game. However, the pampering and big meals have to come to an end, and Katniss and Peeta have to prepare for battle now. On the trip over, Katnisses only hope is that there will be trees and hopefully a bow and arrows she can get her hands on.

When the gong dings to release the tributes into the torturous killing grounds, a brutal battle takes the life of eleven tributes. Katniss escapes into the woods with only a few of the supplies that were spread out on the Cornucopia area. She has no water and only a little food to survive on. Her first mission is to find water; it will be her life support. But first, she needs go get as much distance between her and the career tributes as possible.

The first night in the arena Katniss camps out in the protection of the trees above the ground. The trees will be her favorite place to spend the night throughout the game. In the near distance however, another tribute starts a camp fire on the ground. Katniss fears the fire will only draw the other more aggressive tributes near and she was right when the girl gets killed, it’s by the hands of the career tributes. The shocking revolution was that Peeta had allied with them. Katniss doesn’t put too much thought into this insight at first so when the careers trap her in a tree on another day she doesn’t feel too bad about throwing a hive of wasp on the ground were the hunters are camped, Peeta included.

When the arena stays relatively calm for a while, the gamemakers have the job of making things more interesting. The first thing they do is start a wild fire that has Katniss running for her life and dodging fireballs shooting out of the trees. The goal of course is to draw the tributes out and make them fight. There were no deaths that night but the fire left several wounded and in new dangerous territory. The next day a few lives have been taken by the tracker jacker wasps and the rest were stung several times making them hallucinates and pass out for a while.

When Katniss comes to, she realizes that Peeta had saved her life. When he and the others came back to the place Katniss dropped the nest, Peeta told her to run then he had to take on Cato which didn’t go so well for Peeta. Badly wounded and out of the alliance, Peeta had to stay low while he waits for death to come.

Meanwhile, Katniss allies with Rue and the two of them make a plan that will take out the career’s food supply. The way Katniss has to destroy the food supply is by blowing it up with the bombs that are buried in the ground around it. The explosion leaves her deaf in one ear though, and when Rue is caught by one of the tributes, Katniss loses her ally.

Katniss spends only a little while longer alone when she hears the trumpets blow and an announcement made. There had been a rule change, for the first time in the history of the games; two people are allowed to win as long as they are from the same district. Katniss realizes that this means her and Peeta can survive, however she hasn’t seen Peeta sense he saved her life. She knows by overhearing Cato talk about him that he is badly injured and she knows he isn’t dead yet because she hasn’t seen his face in the sky when they show the dead tributes at night. She has to find him though. Even if he is no use to her and she will have to fight for both of them, she has to try to save him. How could she go home if she doesn’t try? For the first time in the game she allows herself some feelings for Peeta that might be less friendship and more on the lines of star cross lovers.

Katniss finds Peeta camouflaged into the side of the river bank. Caked with mud from head to toe, she didn’t see him until he wanted her to. Katniss gets him all cleaned up, but his wound on his leg is deep and becomes infected.  Peeta will not survive if he doesn’t get medicine soon, and when the announcement is made following another trumpet blow, Katniss has a chance to get the medicine he needs. It means though that the other tributes will have the chance to receive what they need as well. With all the tributes left to gather at the Cornucopia a fight is bound to break out. When the fighting does start, Katniss barely survives with her life and is able to get back to Peeta and give him the medicine.

When Foxface accidently kills over from the berries Peeta had been picking, the only tributes left are Katniss, Peeta, and Cato. When morning comes Katniss can feel the sensation of this being their last day, and she knows it’s true when she finds the creak dry. The gamemakers dry the water so they would all have to meet by the lake.

When Katniss and Peeta get to the lake there is no sign of Cato so they sit there in the opening waiting. There is no reason to hide, Cato will be along anytime. When Cato does get to the lake he is running as fast as he can. Cato is being chased by a pack of mutated creatures created by the government. Half wolf half tributes that have been killed. They are angry beast and Katniss and Peeta have to run along with Cato to escape the wild mutations. The three tributes climb the golden cornucopia and are trapped. When Cato falls into the mist of the half animals, it takes all night for them to rip him apart. Finally Katniss has to send her last arrow into his head in order to put him out of his misery and win the game.

When the trumpet sounds and the announcer speaks it’s not the good news they have been waiting for. The Gamemakers have changed the rules back to only one winner. This news upsets Katniss so bad that her plan was they both eat the poisonous wild berries so the Capitol would have no winner. Of course the announcer stops them. They can’t have no winner, it would ruin the games, so Katniss and Peeta are quickly announced the winners and lifted up into the hovercraft.

Peeta is badly wounded and passes out. When Katniss sees that he may not make it she is hysterical and has to be sedated. When she comes to all renewed and ready to face the press, she learns Peeta did survive however; they are not out of trouble yet. The stunt with the berries upset the Gamemakers so Katniss has to be very careful not to rub it into their faces. When all goes well with the last interview on live television, the two of them are allowed to go home.