Born at Midnight book summary

Born at Midnight, written by C.C. Hunter

Born at midnight starts out full of mystery with the main character Kylie seeing a soldier dude stalking her that only she can see, and it resulting with her having to see a shrink. As her life begins to fall apart, with the brake up of her boyfriend Trey, her grandmother’s death, and her parents’ separation, she finds herself in even stranger situations at summer camp. After a party and a trip to the police station, her parents, going by the suggestion of her shrink, decide to send her away for the summer.

Kylie felt out of place at the camp Shadow Falls, as she noticed very strange things about the other campers. Soon after her arrival she learns her suspicion about the other campers was taken only too lightly. The others were much more than “troubled teens,” hence the reason for a camp, but they were real life mystical creatures you only hear about in stories. Upon being told about who the others are and why they are here, Kylie wonders why they sent her to this camp. Camp leader Holiday said she was different, not normal. However, Holiday could not explain exactly what Kylie was.

Kylie was surrounded by werewolves, vampires, witches, shape-shifters, and fairies at Shadow Falls. Not only faced with the defeating challenge of overcoming her fears, she had to make friends with the supernatural, starting with her camp mates, Miranda (witch), who suffered from dyslexia that threatened her family’s position as high priestess if she couldn’t conquer the dyslexia and pass some very important test. Della (vampire) struggled with staying with her unknowing family, or staging her death and moving to a coven with her cousin and fellow vamps. Suddenly, Kylie’s troubled life at home seemed tolerable, more normal.

Camp life stays busy with action from Della’s vampire cousin dropping by and scaring the crap out of Kylie, to Lucas, the former neighbor and cat killer werewolf who Kylie wants to hate but have a deeper connection to than anyone else at camp. Not to mention, the ever so creepy dead soldier dude that keeps popping in giving Kylie the fright of her life. Kylie is thrown into an emotional battle with constant fears as well as falling into step with making new friends and admirers—good looking fae Derek.

With Kylie’s denial of being anything but normal, Holiday gives her the mission of finding out the truth. Is she just a normal human with a strange brain pattern, despite everyone saying otherwise, or is she different, does she really belong there? As she searches for these answers she finds herself becoming closer to the other campmates, understanding them outside her fear of them.

When hot Derek buys Kylies’ name during the meet your camp mate hour, he takes her to a romantic location near the camp. Derek, half fea, and Tray look-alike has the ability to read and change emotions in people and animals. Kylie falls head over heels for him, when things get emotionally steamy, until the very hot and dangerous werewolf Lucas shows up to save the day. Things get visibly tense between the three supernatural, and Kylie fears she can’t trust her emotions around Derek.

Even though Kylie and Derek decide to remain friends for the time being, Kylie’s guy troubles don’t end. When ex-boyfriend Trey sneaks into camp to make amends with Kylie’s broken heart, she fights the yearning to be in his arms and escorts him off the property. She fought the urge to become close with Derek, fought the mending of her brake up with Tray. However, will she be able to stay composed around super-hot and dangerous Lucas?

When Kylie has an hour of Lucas all to herself, emotions catch fire and Kylie does not resist the flames. She loses herself in Lucas’s embrace and wants more of him, however Tray and some other teens stumble along just in time to break up the steamy kiss that Kylie will never forget despite the suggestion of her doing so.

As tensions grow at camp, Kylie realizes that more important things are going on around her than her own identity crisis. With the FBU threatening to shut the camp down, Kylie has to decide if her own desire to leave camp and go home to live a normal life while denying the fact that she is different, or will she take compassion on the other campers who need the camp to stay open the most.

After a terrifying event with a lion in Kylie’s bed, she learns the reason behind the threat to the camp being closed. The animal refuge park located just miles away from Shadow Falls, has been an ongoing investigation with exotic animals being killed. The blame of course has been fallen on the camp. With Lucas as a suspect he has to leave, although he is not the only suspect in this mystery. When the FBU interviews the other teens at camp, tensions rise to a whole new level.

It is up to Kylie and her friends to solve the mystery and save the camp from closing. They manage to sneak Derek into the wildlife park and to communicate with the animals using his talented fairy gifts. They did not however, plan on being attacked by a gang of rouge vampires called the Blood Brothers. Kylie and her friends fight off the vampires long enough for the FBU to get there. They learn that the real reason for all of this was about racism in the rouge gangs.

With the camp being saved, they all still had to prepare for parents day in the morning were Holiday announce the camp was going to also be a school. Kylie, had a much needed meaningful visit with her mom were she realized her mom’s reasoning for being emotionally cold all those years toward her dad. She also realized that her dad wasn’t really her dad after all, but her real father is the ghost “soldier dude” who now had the name of Daniel.


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  1. Born at Midnight was another intriguing young adult book. I will continue to read the series.

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