Torment book summary

Torment is the second book in the Fallen series, written by Lauren Kate

The angles had called a truce for the battle that started at Sword & Cross. The two sides, Daniel and Cam, would work together for eighteen days destroying any threat that approaches Luce, while Luce herself would be spending her time in yet another boarding school. Across the states to California, Luce has to say goodbye to Daniel for a short time that seems like an eternity.

Unlike Sword & Cross, Shoreline is a beautiful campus set on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Cell phones are allowed, and there are no camera’s watching your every move. Shoreline is a more prestige school to attend.

At Shoreline, Luce is thrown in to the “honors” program that is actually a cover up for a group of nephilim to develop. Luce realizes that all the angles and nephilim know more about her than she does. In fact, Luce and Daniels love story has been bedtime talk throughout the nephilim childhood.

Even though Daniel had told Luce he couldn’t see her for two weeks he snuck on campus and discreetly pulled Luce away from Rolland’s’ new kid on the block party. Seeing Daniel was like Heaven for Luce, however when Daniel gets demanding with Luce needing to stay on campus, she gets upset and defensive with his attitude, leaving the pleasant visit with a heated conversation.

The next day Luce finds a letter under her door from Daniel. The letter suggested she take the enclosed bus ticket and meet with him away from the school grounds.  Luce never thought the letter might be a trick until she arrives at Noyo Point and the only familiar face she finds is Cams. Cam was even more surprised by seeing Luce there.  Although Luce had a lot of unpleasant things on her mind to say to him, there was little time to do so when they spotted the enemy who lured Luce there in the first place. An outcast, Cam explained that they are angles who sided with Satan during the war but when they fell they tried to go back to heaven and were stopped short. Even Satan himself wouldn’t allow them in hell so they walk the earth cursed and blind. Although Luce didn’t like it, Cam had come to her rescue. A bit of a change that left Luce feeling even more confused than before.

The morning after, Luce finds herself back at Noyo Point and disobeying not only Daniel’s orders but Cam’s as well. The student committee had planned a trip on a luxury yacht and Luce was on the committee. When Dawn, a Luce look-a-like, fell overboard the yacht and pulled deep into the water, Luce gets a firsthand glance at the dangers she has been warned about. Luce jumps in to save Dawn and earns herself a lot of points as a hero to the other students.

When the teacher duo, Francesca and Steven, show the class how to read the announcers, Luce sees it as a way to learn about her past lives and she practices alone in the forest near the school. Luce had an announcer in her hand and was wrestling around with it trying to stretch it into something that resembled a screen, but by the end of the day she had no luck. Luce would not give up on reading the announcers; she had Shelby, her roommate to help her with glimpsing them.

Luce and Shelby get the hang of glimpsing an announcer and what they see is an old couple in a retirement community up in Shasta. They realize the strangers in the announcer use to be Luces parents in a previous life, but when Shelby scores the keys to her sorry-ass-ex-boyfriend’s car and drives Luce up to Shasta, Luce could not bring herself to meet them. When Steven caught Luce trying to glimpse an announcer under the classroom, she has to meet with him after class, however the meeting didn’t go quit as planned when Steven decides to help her glimpse the announcer using safer techniques.

Occasionally, Daniel would pop in to see Luce. The visits always start out so sweet with a passionate kiss however there would never be a goodbye kiss when Daniel gets demanding that Luce stay on campus. Of course Luce gets offended with Daniels hot-headedness and leaves things between them awkward.

Luce stays focused on her mission to figure out her past in order to move on with her future. She finds that she can summon the announcer with the answer she wishes for. But when Luce sees a past Luce with Daniel, she tries to save herself by going inside the announcer, Shelby and Miles pull her out just in time. Miles horrified by what he witnessed Luce do, took it upon himself to sneak into Steven’s office and snatch a book on announcers. If Luce was going to travel through the announcers he wanted to make sure to do it right so Luce wouldn’t get lost forever.

After a night of reading; Miles, Luce, and Shelby opened the door in the announcer that led to a strange past life Luce in Vegas. Only this Luce was much older. When they reached the card table the woman named Vera was dealing, she and Luce touched fingertips and Luce could see Vera’s memories of her. Vera was Luce’s older sister and it freaked Vera out to see her. Arriane swooped in to save the day just as security was about to take the three hoodlums away.  After a quick breakfast and an even quicker history lesson, Arriane brawled with an unwanted outcast then escorted the three back to school where Daniel was waiting.

Luce, Shelby, and Miles found themselves in detention for their trip to Vegas. Luce being grounded had a lot of time to think about things. She had figured out that Daniel had to make a choice to tip the scales between Heaven and Hell only he was undecided which side to choose. Until now Luce was sure he should choose good over evil, but good and evil was looking a lot alike. Maybe there was more to the story than she originally thought.

Things get confusing when Miles stops by Luces room to visit her while she is grounded. Luce had been feeling things for Miles that she shouldn’t be feeling for a friend. Miles makes it clear to Luce that he too has more than friend feelings for her when he kisses her. The kiss was awkward and nice at the same time, however noticing Daniel watching from a distance was even more awkward.

When Luce gets sprung from school along with Miles and Shelby for Thanksgiving at her parent’s house, Luce still hadn’t seen Daniel since she witnessed the agony on his face that night. Arriena and Rolland escorted Luce and her friend from Shoreline to her parents. Then while at her parent’s house, her best friend Callie from Dover shows up along with Daniel, Cam, and Gabbie and Molly from Sword & Cross. Two nephilum, three demons, three angles, Callie, Luce, and Luce’s parents, it was a Thanksgiving none of them would forget.

After dinner Luce’s parents took the dog for a walk, and in the distance Luce saw something lurking around.  Suddenly a loud knock filled the house and a scream from Callie had Luce running toward her. Standing in the doorway was Shelby’s sorry-ass-ex-boyfriend, but he wasn’t just a SAEB he was also an outcast there to fetch Luce. The angelic followed the outcast outside for battle while the others stayed inside, including a now very frightened and confused Callie.

The outcast greatly outnumbered the rest of them, and when Miles was in danger of being shot, Luce stopped the fighting to surrender herself. She couldn’t stand to see another one of her friends getting killed because of her. All eyes were on Luce. She learned that the outcast were not there to harm her but to use her to get them back to heaven. Luce took advantage of the situation to get a few answers of her own. Time was short though, and Miles was already working on casting an image of Luce to trick the outcast. The image worked, it was like another Luce. While the real Luce hid in the shed, the image Luce agreed to go with the outcast. Everyone was fooled even Daniel. As he watched her fly away with the outcast he cried out in agony, and Cam shot a starshot right into the image Luce and made her disappear. Daniel however thought it was real and wanted to kill Cam, but when he heard the hissing of an announcer he turned to see his Luce slipping away into it.


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  1. i absolutely loved this book!!!!!!!!!

  2. this book was the most awesomest book I’ve ever read in my whole entire life. It was so amazeballs when Luce figured out that Miles really loved her. It was my favorite part in the whole book

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