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Hush Hush book summary

Hush Hush, written by Becca Fitzpatrick

When Coach McConaughy rearranged the seating chart in his Biology class, Nora and best friend Vee gets separated and Nora ends up with a partner that knows more about her than he should. Patch seems dark, dangerous, and secretive when he opts out of giving Nora any information for their first assignment. For Nora this assignment could just as well mean the difference in a full or half scholarship to an Ivy League university. Against her better judgment, Nora halls herself over to Bo’s Arcade to make Patch answer the questions she needed to finish her assignment. It was clear that Patch was a lunatic and besides knowing what he couldn’t possibly know, he singled her out in humiliating ways.

Things soon become strange with the feeling Nora had of being followed by patch. After running into him at the library she runs him over on the street, so she thought. After the scary attack by the guy in the ski mask, Nora floored it back to Vee’s house only to find out there was no damage to the car. Had Nora imagined the attack? No. She couldn’t believe it, there was something strange going on and Nora knew somehow that Patch was involved.

The next morning while having breakfast at Enzo’s Bistro, two boys introduce themselves to Nora and Vee. Elliot, the built handsome one clearly took an interest to Nora, while 6 foot 10 inches Jules just looked bored hunched over in his chair. The boys attended school at Kinghorn Prep in Portland, but Elliot just transferred to Cold Water High. When Elliot starts to make his move on Nora she finds herself with Patch’s voice in her head. Nora can’t help but feel drawn to Patch, but she sees Elliot’s charm as a way to distract herself.

The girls meet up with Elliot and Jules at Delphic Seaport. Jules disappears to the bathroom where he never returns while Nora disappears shortly after running into Patch. Patch talked her into riding the archangel and while on the ride her seat belt comes undone and Nora falls to her death. However, when the ride comes to a stop she realizes none of it had actually happened. When Patch walks her back to the arcade to meet up with the others, she couldn’t find them anywhere. Scanning the parking lot, Nora discovers Vee’s Neon is gone. Nora has no choice but to accept Patch’s offer to drive her home.

Patch practically invites himself into Nora’s house to make her tacos. When Patch makes his move on her, Nora finds herself playing with fire. Things were about to catch fire when Nora’s phone rang. Patch invited her again to a party on Sunday night then let himself out. Nora had no plans on going to a party with Patch. Instead she spends Sunday shopping with Vee. When Nora notices a stalker, vee decides to make a trap by leaving the store wearing Nora’s jacket. When Nora reaches the meet up point she was too late. Vee was lying on the ground beaten up and robbed.

While Nora was in the library doing research for her school’s eZine paper she stumbled across an article about Elliot. The article said he was a suspect in the Kinghorn hanging. While she was reading over the article Elliot popped in. Elliot insisted on taking her to dinner and Nora barely talked her way out of going. However, the next day she wasn’t as lucky when Vee had invited Elliot and Jules to dinner with them at the Borderline where Patch worked. Then plan was to dig information out of the coworkers when Patch wasn’t working. The plan failed when Nora realized Patch was working that day. It was too late to avoid humiliation though because Nora was already decked out in a wig, short skirt, and hills. And yes, Patch noticed.

When Nora got home that night, she discovered her bedroom a wreck and the stalking masked figure standing among the wreckage. It was the same guy she ran over with the neon and the same one that attacked Vee. When the stalker threw himself out the window Nora ran down stairs to call 911. However, when the cops arrived the damage was gone. Nora found her bedroom in the same exact order she had left it in that morning and the window was shut and locked.

Nora was falling for Patch after getting another ride home from him and a date on Saturday night. Things felt official when Patch met Nora’s mother. Her problems with Elliot on the other hand only intensified.

Elliot popped over to visit Nora early one morning. He was drunk and became aggressive with her. Elliot wanted her and Vee to go camping with him and Jules but Nora turned him down. When Elliot woke Nora’s mom up by throwing her up against the house he left, but not before the threat that he wasn’t done with her yet.

When Nora’s mom left for the day, Nora decided to carry out her plan of going to Portland and investigate the suicide/murder of Kjirsten Halverson who Elliot was questioned in her death. Nora strolls into Blind Joe’s—the dinner where Kjirsten had worked—to ask the waitress questions. In order for Nora to get any information out of waitress she had to give up what money she had with her on food and tips.

Nora had just gotten on the bus to go home when Vee texted her cell. Vee was in Portland with Elliot and Jules at a supposed party. Nora had no choice but to get off the bus to find Vee but what she found was herself in a bad part of town. When Nora had to ask for directions, an old bag lady talked her out of her coat and beanie for her knowledge of Highsmith Street. Halfway down the dark tunnel, Nora realized she left her cell phone in her coat pocket and was walking back to the bag lady when she witnessed her murder. Nora wasn’t able to find her cell phone so instead she ran to the payphone and dialed Patch’s number.

When Patch arrived, he helped Nora into his jeep and drove off. Nora used Patch’s phone to call Vee but then the phone died. Vee informed her that things had changed and she was on her way home. Halfway between Portland and Cold Water, the jeep broke down and Nora and Patch had no choice but to walk to a motel and call for help. With the phone lines down because of the storm they rented a motel room. With enough hot water to wash them, Nora and Patch ended up half naked because of their drenched clothes.

Nora accidently touched the V-shaped scar on Patch’s back and she was looking back in time, before she met Patch. He was at Bo’s Arcade when he received a visit from Miss Greene—Nora’s Psychologist at the school. Miss Greene begged Patch to save someone’s life and get his wings back so they could be together again. Patch had other plans, he didn’t want to be a guardian angel he needed to know the name of who he should save and Miss Greene told him Nora Grey. She told him Nora dies because Patch wanted her dead.

The vision scared Nora, when she was back in the motel room with Patch he tackled her on the bed and tried to convince her he meant her no harm. Not anymore anyways. Nora wanted to see more. She knew that Patch had secrets and a dark past but she wanted to trust him. Patch allowed her to view into his past again and Nora found herself in a remote cemetery were Patch was talking to Rixon about the book of Enoch. The book is a bedtime story for angels. However, the book contains secrets about how a fallen angel can become human by killing their nephilim vessel. In Patch’s case that would be Chauncey. When Nora tells Patch about Dabria being Miss Greene, he is suddenly in a hurry to get the jeep and get back to town so he can figure out what she is up to.

Patch did a look through the house before he left Nora there by herself, but it didn’t help that Dabria was waiting down the road for Patch to leave. Dabria attacked Nora and set her house on fire. Dabria wanted Patch and as long as Nora was in her way she was going to take care of her. Patch showed up in time to save Nora and get her out of the house before the police came. Patch tossed his keys to her and told her to meet him at Delphic. Nora on the other hand wasn’t sure about meeting up with Patch. Dabria told Nora that Patch needed to sacrifice her in order to get a human body.

When Patch found Nora hiding at the movie theatre he changed her mind about being frightened of him. In the bathroom Nora fell for Patch again. She lost herself in his kiss and it wasn’t until Vee called that she remembered her best friend was still in danger.

Elliot and Jules had Vee trapped in the school. Nora and Patch drove over there to save her only to end up separated when Patch went inside and left Nora waiting in the car. After about twenty minutes of waiting, Elliot called and told her he could see her in the car. Nora went inside and tripped over Jules dead body in the dark. Nora found Elliot half dead in the library and without seeing Vee or Patch she didn’t know what was going on.

Jules surprised Nora by not being dead and by being Chauncey, the nephilim who shares the same blood line as her, has the same mark as her, and wants to kill her. After a battle, Nora runs to find Vee in the eZine classroom. Vee had been knocked out and scared she was blind because she couldn’t see. Nora explained to Vee the whole building was dark and she needed to get away and call the police. When Nora ran into the gym to get away from Jules/Chauncey, she found herself trapped and climbed the ladder to the rafters above. Patch had come to save her but there was little he could do. Nora thought over her options and decided to throw herself off the rafters. Nora sacrificed herself to kill Chauncey and give Patch a human body.

When Nora woke up she was back at home. Patch explained that he turned down the sacrifice she made, rejecting the human body and took guardian angel instead. Now he is Nora’s guardian angel. However, Nora still had to explain to her mom and the cops about what happened to the house.